What is Oral Cancer?

What is Oral Cancer?

What is oral cancer? Oral cancer begins to form in the lower part of the lip and different parts of the mouth. Terminal oral cancer can spread to the larynx and salivary glands. Oral cancer can apply to the salivary glands, especially the tongue, mouth, palate, and inner cheeks. Therefore, early diagnosis is essential. 

This cancer, which occurs with the formation of squamous cells, begins to react on the tongue and lips. An oral cancer diagnosis is made by the ear, nose, and throat areas. The answers to the question of what oral cancer is are given in these areas.

Oral cancer is one of the situations that occur with the onset of squamous cells in the mouth. With the spread of these cells over time, oral cancer rises to an advanced level. Today, oral cancer is more common in men than in women.

Oral cancer is one of the diseases that can be detected by examination. This cancer, caused by different reasons, can be treated with early intervention. It is essential to see a dentist and then be examined by specialists in otolaryngology.

What are the Causes of Oral Cancer?

 There are different causes of oral cancer:

- Tobacco, alcohol, and cigarette use

- Disrupting dental and oral health, not brushing teeth

- Avoiding treatment of damaged teeth, and not treating wounds

- There are many causes of a formation, such as broken teeth.

Oral cancer can also be seen genetically in some people. People at risk of cancer can catch oral cancer faster if they disrupt their oral and dental health. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to be examined by the dentist regularly and to pay attention to oral care.

What are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer, and How Do You Notice Them?

At the beginning of the symptoms of oral cancer, white sores occur in the lips and mouth. If these wounds do not heal over time and they increase, it is the most prominent symptom.

Over time, the white spotting turns red and starts to bleed, which carries the situation to a dangerous level. These wounds on the inside and outside of the mouth do not heal; toothache and tooth fracture, tooth loss, bleeding in the gums, and difficulty swallowing are among the symptoms of oral cancer.

How is Oral Cancer Treated?

Treatment of oral cancer starts with drugs and mouthwash products after diagnosis. In time, surgical intervention is also performed where necessary, and the treatment is completed.

What is Oral Cancer?

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