Zirconium Tooth Veneer

Zirconium Tooth Veneer

Zirconium Bonding

It is a matter of preference for zirconium to be resistant to abrasion and compatible with human biology, aside from going beyond expectations aesthetically.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Zirconium Bonding

Who Can Have Zirconium Bonding?

-Those who need aesthetic improvement with digital smile design.

-Those who won't get the needed aesthetic result from teeth whitening.

-Those who do not require orthodontic treatment and want the correction of small crooked teeth.

-Those who want to eliminate the aesthetic discomfort caused by obsolete fillings.

-Those who prefer a more aesthetic and more durable tooth coating as a prosthesis during implant treatment.

How Long Dose It Take To Apply Zirconium Bonding To The Teeth?

Thanks to the advanced technologies in its own private laboratory, Sanita Hospital offers your zirconium bonding within 1 to 3 days.

Will It Hurt When Zirconium Bonding Is Applied?

You will not feel pain or pain while placing the zirconium bonding. If your doctor deems it necessary, local anesthesia can be used, but this is usually not needed.

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Can I See Beforehand What My New Teeth Will Look Like?

Yes, you  can. Zirconium bonding is personally designed in a computer program. You can decide on the change you want through the three-dimensional model with your doctor.

What Are the Advantages of Zirconium Bonding?

-It is compatible with human tissue, so it does not cause discoloration on the gums.

-It provides an aesthetic appearance as it has high light transmittance.

-It is extremely durable, you can use it comfortably for many years.

-Zirconium bondings are very easy to clean and maintain.

Zirconium Tooth Veneer

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