Lamina Dental Veneer

Lamina Dental Veneer

Lamina Bonding

The most effective method of providing aesthetics by preserving natural teeth is lamina bonding. The anterior teeth, which are in bad condition in terms of aesthetics, can be given an extremely stylish appearance with lamina.

"The natural tooth is not damaged while the laminate tooth coating is applied. Lamina is an aesthetic and healthy treatment."

Frequently Asked Questions About Lamina Tooth

To whom can laminate dental veneers be applied?

-It can be applied to those who want the gaps in their front teeth to be closed.

-It can be applied to those who want aesthetic treatment of caries, fractures and cracks in the tooth.

-It can be applied to those who want to extend the tooth length.

-A solution can be found with lamina for those who are not satisfied with the teeth whitening application.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Lamina Bonding To The Teeth?

The treatment is personal. It takes 2 sessions to take the measurements and present them to the person with a 3D model.

Will it hurt when lamina bonding is applied?

No pain or ache is felt. If your doctor deems it necessary, local anesthesia can be used, but this is usually not needed.

"You can continue your daily life comfortably during the treatment period. You can enjoy your trip in Turkey until your treatment is completed."

What are the advantages of Lamina Bonding?

-The most important advantage of this method is preservation of natural teeth. Large scale reduction or abrasion is not done, the processing time is short.

-Solid or liquid foods do not stain lamina tooth coatings.

-Lamina dental veneers that do not contain metal additives are natural products that are compatible with human tissue.

-Lamina dental veneers are extremely aesthetic.

Lamina Dental Veneer

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