Teeth Stone Cleaning

Teeth Stone Cleaning

Tartar Buildup Cleaning

Food accumulating and plaques formed by bacteria in the teeth harden over time and turn into dental calculus.

“It can cause problems such as calculus, cavities and gingivitis. Regular tartar cleaning is important for maintaining dental health."

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Cleaning

How Is Teeth Cleaning Performed?

Large calculus pieces are removed from the tooth using ultrasonic devices. Smaller stones are cleaned with fine-tipped tools. To provide smoothness and shine to the tooth surfaces, the process is completed by applying tooth polish or a paste containing fluorine.

How long does it take to complete tooth cleaning?

Although the duration of the procedure depends on the density of the tartar, it does not take more than 45 minutes.

Can Teeth Stone Cleaning Be Done at Home?

Teeth cleaning should be carried out by the dentist with special tools.

“Doing tartar cleaning at home is very risky. Cleaning calculus with instruments that are not sterilized or not designed for this job can cause serious health problems.

How Often Should Teeth Cleaning Be Performed?

It is appropriate to have dental calculus cleaning every 6 months on average.

Can I Eat Immediately After Teeth Cleaning?

It takes 1 hour for food and beverage consumption.

Will I experience tooth sensitivity after the procedure?

There may be cold and hot sensitivity in the teeth. Even if such a situation occurs, it will pass in an average of 1 day.

Teeth Stone Cleaning

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