Implant in One Day

Implant in One Day

It is possible to place an implant in the jawbone and wear a prosthetic tooth on the same day. You can achieve aesthetic, long-lasting teeth in one day.

“In order to perform implant treatment in 1 day, there should be no infection in the tooth cavity and sufficient bone tissue should be present.”

Frequently Asked Questions About One Day Implant

Who Can Have One Day Implant?

Those who have no teeth can have an implant in 1 day if there is sufficient bone density.

If there is no infection in the extraction area or the infection can be cleared immediately, the extracted tooth can be implanted in 1 day.

Will it hurt in One Day Implant Application?

Local anesthesia is applied to the operation area. You will not feel hurt or ache. No pain or ache is felt.

What are the Advantages of One Day Implant Application?

It saves time for the person by eliminating the waiting time in implant treatment.

As soon as the implant is inserted, the fixed temporary tooth is placed on the same day.

Since the number of surgical procedures is reduced, the cost of treatment decreases.

Implant in One Day

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