Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetic

Unhealthy gums look ugly and make the tooth look bad.

"The gum should be like light pink and hold firmly to the tooth and bone. Healthy and aesthetic gums are provided with pink aesthetics."  

Frequently Asked Questions About Pink Aesthetics

Who can have pink aesthetic?

-Those who have inflammation problems in the gums should have it done.

-It can be applied to those who want to increase the aesthetic smile quality in digital smile design.

How to make Pink Aesthetic?

There are 4 main methods of achieving gum aesthetics: regenerative, gingivoplasty, gingivectomy and crown lengthening.

Regenerative Treatment: The inflamed gingival tissue is cleaned. Drugs and protein supplements can be used for healthy tissue formation.

"Untreated gingivitis not only looks unsightly, it can also cause tooth loss."

Gingivoplasty: It is the shaping of gum aesthetically. By providing symmetry, the teeth are brought to the fore during the smile. Gingivoplasty is done with laser surgery.

Gingivectomy: It is the process of removing excess gums. Gums, which occupy more space than the teeth, are removed by laser surgery.

Crown Length Extension:  It is applied in cases where the upper part of the tooth is below the gum. The visibility of the crown positively affects the aesthetics of the smile.

How long does it take to complete the pink aesthetic?

The treatment is personal. It may take time for new inflamed tissues to form in place of the cleaned inflamed tissues. It is possible to finish the symmetry application with laser surgery in a single session.

Will it hurt during pink surgery?

It is performed under local anesthesia. You will not feel any pain or discomfort. Your doctor may prescribe some medications to increase comfort during the healing process.

Pink Aesthetics

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