Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetics

For a healthy and aesthetic smile, the appearance of the gingiva is as important as the white and smooth teeth. The fact that the gingiva are not in harmony with the teeth can prevent people from having a perfect smile. In this case, pink aesthetics (gingiva aesthetics) may have an important place among smile design procedures.

Factors considered for gingiva to be considered aesthetic and healthy include the color of the gingiva, the size ratio between the gingiva and the tooth, or whether the gingiva are suffering from pain, pain or bleeding.

Healthy gingiva are expected to be light pink in color and firmly attached to the tooth and bone. Conditions such as redness, swelling or bleeding in the gingiva may require gingival aesthetics, also known as pink aesthetic procedures. Also, the size of the gingiva should not cause the teeth to appear smaller than they are. Gingiva with a rough surface can also be considered unhealthy.

Before starting the pink aesthetic (gingiva aesthetic) procedures, it should be checked whether the patient has any diseases such as gingival recession, gingivitis/swelling/bleeding/smell/pain; These diseases, if any, should be treated before aesthetic procedures.

In which cases can pink aesthetics be preferred?

  • If the color of the gums changes from light pink to red dark, pink aesthetics can be preferred.
  • Pink aesthetics may be preferred if the gingival levels are not the same for every tooth.
  • Pink aesthetics can be used in the treatment of gingival recessions.
  • Pink aesthetics can be applied in cases that cause the tooth to appear smaller than it is and appear more during smiling.
  • In patients who receive smile design service, pink aesthetics can be preferred if deemed necessary by the dentist.

With which treatment methods can pink aesthetics be applied?

Depending on the problem experienced by the patient, the treatment method can be determined by the dentist. The most popular of these methods are:


A treatment method called gingivectomy can be used for the treatment of abnormal gingival tissue and size that comes to the fore when talking or smiling. The shortening of the tissue that looks more than it should be is called gingivectomy.


It is the method used to shape the gums that are considered healthy but do not have an aesthetic appearance.

Flap operation

All of the procedures performed for the treatment of problems such as bleeding, swelling, redness and discoloration observed in the gums can be called flap operations.

Pink Aesthetics

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