Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

For many people, not only the health of the teeth, but also their aesthetic appearance is very important. Unwanted color changes and tooth loss caused by reasons such as decayed teeth, gingiva disease, crooked teeth, smoking, etc. can cause people to be dissatisfied with their smiles.

Smile aesthetics or smile design is an aesthetic dentistry practice that consists of many different procedures to be decided individually, aiming for the perfect smile. People who think that their smile is not aesthetic may have to fight with lack of self-confidence and unhappiness. In this case, they can apply to specialist dentists for the application of smile aesthetics.

Stages of smile aesthetics

In the application of smile aesthetics, which consists of many stages, a detailed examination is made by the dentist at the first appointment. Considering the patient's wishes, facial features, tooth and gingival ratio, gender and age, the necessary procedures for the correct smile design are planned. All procedures are implemented with the consent of the patient. For smile aesthetics; implant, prosthesis, bridge, tooth whitening, zirconium tooth coating, gingiva treatment, resizing of teeth, lip shaping operations or if necessary orthodontic treatment can be planned.

When the plan made by the dentist is approved by the patient, procedures can be started with gingiva treatment. After the missing teeth are corrected with the necessary procedures, the teeth can be whitened by reducing them according to the decision of the dentist. If it is in the plan, lip aesthetics and fillings to the face areas can be applied.

If the planned treatment only targets tooth and gingiva problems, smile aesthetic procedures can be completed in a few weeks. This process may be longer for patients who need orthodontic treatment.

Advantages of smile aesthetics

  • A natural and aesthetic smile is obtained.
  • The colors of the teeth become clear and bright. It makes the smile look more aesthetic.
  • Gingivas become healthy and compatible with tooth size.
  • The length and arrangement of the teeth become aesthetic.
Digital Smile Design

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