Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

When laughing and talking, the focus of the other person is your teeth and mouth. Thanks to the digital smile design, the teeth are made to look more esthetic and compatible with the face. The harmony of the lips, gums, teeth and face provides a unique smile.

“A younger, more energetic, more aesthetic and healthier smile is possible with personalized digital smile design. Combining digital photography and three-dimensional imaging method, transferring mouth and face details to a computer program allows for perfect design.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Smile Design

How to Make a Digital Smile Design?

While planning the digital smile design, we pay attention to two main points: Aesthetics of teeth (white aesthetics) and gingival aesthetics (pink aesthetics).

How Is White Aesthetics Made?

Zirconium, lamina, e-max and bonding can be applied to provide white aesthetics.

“We offer the most accurate solutions with advanced Sanita technology for aesthetic results beyond your expectations.”

How to make Pink Aesthetic?

The appearance of the gums while smiling is important for general facial aesthetics. Laser correction can be made to provide symmetry in the gingiva. The lifeless appearance caused by gingival disorders can be treated.

How Long Does a Digital Smile Design Take?

Treatment is personalized. The duration may vary from person to person. Sometimes it is possible to finish the smile design in a single session, while sometimes it may take several sessions.

“Thanks to the digital technologies and laboratory technologies of Sanita Hospital, even the most complicated procedures can be completed in 3 sessions.”

Digital Smile Design

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