All-On-4 Implant

All-On-4 Implant

All-on-4 implant is a practical treatment that can be easily applied to people who have "no teeth".

"All-on-4 allows those who have no teeth to get new teeth in one day."

Frequently Asked Questions About All-On-4 Implant

"How to make an All-on-4 implant?"

In edentulous people, 4 implants are placed on the jawbone. Two of them are in the front and two in the back. The angle of the two implants placed in the front is 90 degrees, and the angle of the two implants in the back is 45 degrees. Temporary dentures are placed on the four implants immediately and new teeth can be used the same day. Temporary prostheses are replaced with permanent prostheses after the expected 3-month period for the implants to fully fuse to the bone.

What Are the Advantages of All On 4 Implants?

-It is a quick treatment. Within 1 day, the patient starts to use their new teeth.

-It is the lowest cost implant treatment for those who have no teeth.

-It is a treatment that eliminates disadvantages such as bone deficiency.

-It is possible to adapt to new teeth immediately, there is no discomfort on the palate.

Will It Hurt In the All-On-4 Implant Application?

Implant operation is performed under local anesthesia. No pain or ache is felt. You will not feel hurt or ache.

All-On-4 Implant

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