Dental Implant Prices

Dental Implant Prices

The fact that the prices of the three implant brands we use in our clinics are different from each other is due to the difference in the prices of the manufacturer.

The fact that the domestic implant is very cheap compared to other imported implant brands is due to the fact that its price is in Turkish Lira and it is exempt from the high customs duties applied to imported products in our country.

What is Included in the Price?

-Panoramic x-ray
-3D tomography
-Expert doctor examination
-PCR Test
-Local anesthesia
-Surgical practice
-Post-operative x-ray control
-Post-operative control and dressings

Why Is Abutment Free?

In the second stage, when permanent teeth will be made, the part that connects the implanted tooth is the abutment. Unlike other clinics, we manufacture individual abutments for each patient in our digital laboratory. These personal abutments are included in the dental prosthesis price paid by our patient.

Why Turkey?

Health tourism in Turkey has been successfully implemented for years and is constantly audited by many international quality companies. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey has established a separate inspection mechanism for clinics engaged in health tourism. No clinic can take care of foreign patients who do not have a health tourism authorization certificate of the Republic of Turkey.

Every year, millions of people from all over the world, especially in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America, come to our country for health tourism.

Today, there are over 70 dental faculties in Turkey.

Thanks to the incentives applied by the state to the hospitals engaged in health tourism in Turkey, new and expensive technologies abroad can be obtained very easily.

Are Implant Treatments Covered by State Insurances?

Since implant treatment is seen as a luxury treatment in almost many countries of the world, state insurances do not cover the treatment. However, some private health insurances can cover implant treatments in Turkey. You can learn this by meeting with the insurance institution before the person comes, and we arrange an insurance fee refund request form prepared in the desired language for our patients in any way.

Dental Implant Prices

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