Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Achieving the Perfect Hollywood Smile: Design, Procedures, and Harmony

Hollywood smile design aims to achieve the perfect harmony between teeth, gingiva, and lips. The harmony of healthy and aesthetic teeth with symmetrical lips is called the Hollywood smile.

The smooth appearance of the upper teeth, the distinctiveness of the upper and lower incisors, and the symmetrical lips covering the gingiva reveal a perfect Hollywood smile. The Hollywood smile also adapts to the person's facial features, nose, chin, face shape, and skin color. The Hollywood smile, which can be designed for both women and men, consists of several processes and stages, of course, on the condition that their duration and number vary from person to person.

In the first step, a detailed examination by the dentist is critical. To start the procedures for the Hollywood smile, the patient's existing teeth and gingiva problems should be treated. 

Hollywood smile procedures

We can collect the processes included in the Hollywood smile application under three main headings:

Porcelain veneer application

In this application, tooth surfaces are slightly abraded, and porcelain veneer is applied to the front of the teeth. In this way, the teeth appear whiter, brighter, and smoother. The porcelain veneer is an application made to correct broken, crooked, intermittent, or unwanted colored teeth and make them look more symmetrical and aesthetic.

Teeth whitening

For a perfect smile, people may want white and bright teeth. In this process, the natural whiteness of the teeth is regained by cleaning the colored substances formed in the tooth enamel. However, this procedure may not be necessary for every patient with a Hollywood smile design. If the patient's teeth are suitable for the skin color and the designed Hollywood smile, teeth whitening may not be needed.

Implant treatment

No teeth of the patient should be missing for the Hollywood smile design. Therefore, the patient's missing teeth can be completed by implant treatment to achieve the targeted perfect smile.

Hollywood Smile

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