Aesthetic filling (bonding application), is one of the most preferred aesthetic dentistry applications that can be used for smile design / Hollywood smile, for example. It can be used in the treatment of yellowed, rotten, worn or corroded, broken, gaping teeth that negatively affect the patient's aesthetic smile.

Aesthetic filling (bonding application), which can change the color tone, size, shape of the teeth and repair the damage, is known to cause very little material loss in the tooth enamel.

How is aesthetic filling (bonding application) done?

Aesthetic filling (bonding application) is one of the simplest and fastest dentistry applications. It is possible to complete the application in one session, but this may vary from patient to patient.

First, the dentist decides on the preferred shade for the patient's tooth color and presents the offer to the patient. The application can begin with the consent of the patient. For a perfect smile, the smile line of the teeth should appear in a certain proportion according to the golden ratio rule. According to this ratio evaluated by the dentist, the rough areas on the teeth can be corrected.

After these procedures, the application of aesthetic filling takes place by sticking the composite material selected in accordance with the color of the teeth to the tooth surface. Anesthesia may not be required during aesthetic filling.

In which cases is aesthetic filling (bonding application) suitable?

  • Aesthetic filling may be preffered in the treatment of teeth with spaces between them.
  • Aesthetic filling (bonding application) may be preferred for the correction of color changes in teeth due to various reasons.
  • It can be preferred in the treatment of enamel with insufficient development.
  • Aesthetic filling can be used in the treatment of deformities.
  • Aesthetic filling (bonding application) can be used in the treatment of asymmetry problems that do not require orthodontic treatment.

How long can the aesthetic filling (bonding application) be used?

The duration of use of the aesthetic filling may vary depending on various factors. The quality of the composite material used in the bonding application, the dentist's level of expertise and the patient's attention to oral hygiene can be found among these factors. But in general, the life of the aesthetic filling can be expressed as five years.


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