With the bonding application, an aesthetic appearance is provided without tooth coating and without abrasion.

“Bonding is the fastest aesthetic dental treatment. In a single session, the teeth are repaired and the aesthetic quality is increased.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Bonding

Who Can Have Bonding Application?

-People who need to have their tooth fractures treated can do it.

-It can be applied to those who want to improve the aesthetic quality of their treated caries teeth.

-Those who want to close the gap between the teeth can have it done.

-Those who need small diameter thread extension can also be applied.

How Is Bonding Made?

It is made using aesthetic composite fillings. Problems on the tooth surface are treated with composite filling.

How Long Does the Bonding Application Take?

The bonding time for a tooth is between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

What Should Be Considered After Bonding?

In order to prevent the formation of stains within 48 hours after the procedure, tea and coffee consumption should be avoided or limited. After 48 hours, the daily routine is started. Oral and dental hygiene should not be interrupted in order for the bonding application to be long-lasting.


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