Tooth Filling

Tooth Filling

Dental Filling

Caries, cracks and fractures in the tooth can be repaired with filling. If it is not too late, filling is an extremely successful and long-lasting treatment.

“It is possible to make natural, solid and stylish restorations with new generation composite fillings.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Filling

Can I Detect If I Have Caries in My Tooth?

Not every bruise is visible from the outside. An X-ray of the tooth is taken to determine the caries. In fact, if there is a possibility that small bruises are not visible on the x-ray, caries paint can be applied.

Will it hurt when lamina tooth veneer is applied?

If the area to be filled is large, local anesthesia can be applied. Minor repairs close to the tooth surface may not need anesthesia. In both these cases, you will not feel pain or ache.

What Is The Best Tooth Filling?

It is not appropriate to make the same filling for every tooth. Your dentist decides the best filling. With the new generation dental fillings, no matter the problematic tooth, a solid and aesthetic repair can be made.

What are the New Generation Fillers?

Composite Filling: It is a white filling. It is compatible with the color of the teeth. It is preferred in anterior teeth to preserve aesthetics.

Inlay and On-lay Filling:  It is porcelain filling. If there is not enough tissue for filling after cleaning the damaged tooth, inlay and onlay fillings are used. Inlay filling is applied to a narrower area and onlay filling is applied to a wider area.

What are Old Generation Fillers?

Amalgam Filling: It is an old generation filling in gray color. The use of amalgam fillings has ended because it does not look good in terms of aesthetics and the mercury in its content is toxic.

Gold filling: It is made by adding gold to other filling materials. The use of gold filling is not preferred today.

How Long Does It Take Tooth Filling?

Depending on the type of filling, it is completed in 1 to 2 sessions. In procedures that last more than one session, you continue your daily life with temporary filling.

“Invisible dental caries can cause tooth loss in the future. Filling the caries detected by regular dentist control without delay, prevents the loss of the tooth completely.”  

Can I Eat Immediately After Filling?

If anesthesia is not applied during the procedure, you can eat immediately. In cases where anesthesia is applied, lethargy should be waited for.

Is Sensitivity Experienced After Filling?

There may be some sensitivity that disappears within 10 days. If there is excessive sensitivity after two weeks, it is necessary to see a dentist.

Can My Filled Tooth Decay Again?

In case of careless and incomplete cleaning of the mouth and teeth, the filled tooth may decay again.

Tooth Filling

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