Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment

Implant treatment applied to build a new tooth is the most natural method compatible with human biology. Most of the dental implants are made of titanium, recently zirconium and ceramic implants have been produced.

“Sanita Hospital, one of the pioneers of treatments with Digital Dentistry and CAD-CAM technology in Europe, provides the fastest possible treatment with advanced laboratory technology.”

The implant can be inserted with a rapid surgical operation in cases where the bone structure is sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions About Implant

How is Implant Treatment Planned?

The bone structure in the area where the implant is desired is displayed by radiography or tomography. After a detailed examination, the type of implant suitable for the bone structure is decided.

How Is Implant Treatment Performed?

Depending on the general health status and bone structure of the person, it is performed in one or two stages. Single-stage treatments take 1 to 3 days. In two-stage treatments, 2 to 6 months are needed for the implant to fuse to the bone.

“We do not leave you toothless in any implant treatment. You can leave our clinic with your temporary teeth that you can use safely during the healing process and return to your daily life comfortably.”

How Long Does the Implant Operation Take?

Depending on age, general health and placement of the implant in the lower or upper jaw, it takes between 5 minutes and 1 hour.

“We always aim to have an error-free operation. More than 50 years have passed since the first dental implant was made in 1965. Now, 98% success is achieved in dental implants.”

Will it hurt in Robotic Implant Treatment?

The implanted area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. You will not feel any pain or dicomfort.

Can everyone have an implant?

People who are in good general health, have a suitable bone structure, and are 18 years or older can have implants.

In Which Situations Does Implant Treatment Have Risks?

A general medical evaluation should be made in order to be able to perform implant treatment for people with health problems that need to be kept under control.

-Chronic cardiovascular diseases
-Use of blood thinners
-Radiotherapy treatment for the head and neck region
-Autoimmune disorders
-Use of corticosteroid group drugs

In the above cases, medical evaluation is made with other physicians for implant treatment.

-The chance of success of implant treatment decreases in cases of excessive smoking, alcohol and drug addiction.

-It would be more appropriate to leave the implant treatment of pregnant women to a later date with alternative methods.

What are the Advantages of the Implant?

-Implant is the closest treatment method to the natural tooth structure.

-The implant does not harm the other teeth adjacent to the space in which it is placed.

-Performs the eating function with the quality of natural teeth.

-Implant is a treatment that can be applied easily in all kinds of missing teeth.

“The implant works just like a natural tooth. It is its compatibility with human biology that makes the implant, which is an aesthetic and long-lasting treatment, valuable.”

Is Seamless Implant Possible?

The operation performed without cutting the gingiva and without stitching is called a robotic implant. Recovery is faster and more comfortable in the seamless implant operation. Your dentist will decide whether you are suitable for a seamless implant operation.

“Robotic Implant is an implant treatment in which Sanita Hospital is a pioneer and expert.”

How Long Is the Life of the Implant?

As with natural teeth, the duration of use of the implant is determined by the care shown to dental care and the genetic characteristics of the person.

“Implants are designed for life-long use just like your natural teeth.”

Can Implant Operation Fail?

Implant operation has a 98% success rate. However, the care of the person's oral hygiene, general health status, the quality of the implant brand and the skill of the dentist are effective in the success of the operation.

How Important Is the Brand of the Implant?

Choosing a reliable brand that has been serving for many years is important. It is important that it has ADA (American Dental Association) certificate, FDI certificate (The FDI World Dental Federation) and CE approval.


Implant Treatment

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