About Us

About Us
About Us

Sanita Health Group, one of Turkey's first digital hospitals, is an oral and dental health polyclinic that serves thousands of patients from all over the world and is headquartered in Istanbul.

In Sanita Health Group, which offers health services at international standards with its strong technology infrastructure, all oral and dental health treatments, especially digital implant and digital smile aesthetics, are carried out.

In the Sanita Health group, one of the institutions with the "Health Tourism" certificate, experienced patient coordinators and doctors as well as patient coaches take charge.

Sanita Health Group, which constantly follows the developing medical technologies and constantly advances the diagnosis and treatment methods with the most up-to-date technologies, works to provide the services to its patients in the fastest and most reliable way. It also considers it own duty to deal with all kinds of problems of own patients after the treatment with the "Ethics Line".

Our Mission

Sanita Health Group, without compromising ethical principles; takes the mission to provide current medical approaches to patients in reliable and most advanced conditions, and to bring preventive health services to the society.

Our Vision

Sanita Health Group aims to be a reference institution in Turkey and in the world in the field of oral and dental health by giving the highest level of value to ethical principles.

Our Values
Prioritizing human values
Giving importance to patient health and safety
Using the best technologies
Investing in employee development
To be innovative and contemporary
To be transparent
Always supporting scientific studies
Treating everyone equally and fairly
Being ethical and reliable


About Us

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