Surgical Treatments

Surgical Treatments

Surgical Treatments

All kinds of surgical interventions in and around the mouth, soft and hard tissues are the specialty of oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Surgery

What Is the Specialty of Oral Surgery?

-Dental implant treatments.
-Preparing the mouth for prosthesis with pre-prosthetic surgery.
-Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth.
-Treatment of precancerous structures in the soft tissues and gums of the mouth.
-Treatment of the tumors in the jaw.
-Treatment of cysts and similar risky formations in the chin.
-Treatment of jaw disorders.
-Treatment of jaw and face fractures.
-Temporomandibular joint treatments.
-Treatments of the cleft lip and palate.
-Treatment of salivary gland diseases.
-Performing orthognathic surgery procedures.

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Is Impacted Tooth Extraction a Surgical Procedure?

Impacted teeth are not easily visible in the mouth and jaw structure, so they must be surgically removed.

There is a sound in my jaw, what should I do?

If there is a noise from the jaw joints during the opening and closing process, your examination by a specialist dentist will prevent further discomforts that may occur in the future. In the advanced stage of jaw sounds, mouth opening may become difficult. This negatively affects your life.

Is every jaw tumor risky?

Jaw tumors can be benign or malignant. After the pathological examination, surgical treatment may be required.

Does every jaw cyst have to be surgically removed?

If the chin cysts are not removed, it can lead to many problems such as facial swelling, inflammation and malignant tumor formation, deterioration in the jawbone and toothache.

Surgical Treatments

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