Zygomatic Implant

Zygomatic Implant

It is an implant method applied only to the cheekbones. Implants are attached to the upper jaw with support from the zygoma bones.

“Zygomatic implants are structurally different from other implants. The length of standard implants ranges from 8 to 12 mm, while the length of zygomatic implants is between 30 and 50 mm.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Zygomatic Implant

Who can receive implant?

It is the best solution for people who have advanced bone resorption in the upper jaw and cannot be treated with bone grafting. People who have used removable prostheses for years experience this problem frequently.

“Zygomatic implant is the most appropriate treatment method for excessive bone resorption caused by the use of total prosthesis. The zygomatic implants, whose surface structure is specially shaped, are thus strongly attached to the cheekbone."

How to make an Zygomatic implant?

Zygomatic implant treatment is performed under general anesthesia, unlike other implant operations. The duration of the operation is an average of 2 hours. On the same day or the next day, temporary prostheses can be inserted and the person returns to her daily life. Permanent prostheses are fitted after 3 to 6 months.

What are the Advantages of Zygomatic Implant Application?

-People who do not have a maxilla can have fixed prostheses with a zygomatic implant.

It enables people with bone deficiency to have new teeth without bone graft treatment.

Thanks to the strength and dense structure of the cheekbones, it offers everyone the opportunity to have implant treatment.

Zygomatic Implant

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