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Premium Dental Implants We Use


Considered one of the best dental implants in the world, Straumann is a Swiss implant brand. Sanita Hospital is the partner clinic of the Straumann group and all our digital equipment was installed by this company. We use Straumann implant and Bone powder of Straumann group in techniques such as Zygomatic implant, All-on-4, which we frequently do, and in bone powder applications in patients with advanced bone resorption.


It is Germany's oldest and most frequently used implant brand. It is in the top five in the ranking of the best implants in the world. Being fully compatible with the digital infrastructure we use in our clinics both shortens the treatment processes of our patients and facilitates our work. We generally use this implant when a more affordable implant preference is required for patients living in Europe. Because if our patients in Europe have a problem with implants in the coming years, they will have a much easier access to the necessary parts if they go to any dentist in their region.


It is one of the most rooted and oldest implant manufacturers in Turkey. It is a well-known brand that has produced many European and world brands for years and also has many products for world dentistry for years. It is a high-end implant that we have been using safely in our clinics for many years. It is also compatible with the digital infrastructure we are using.

Premium Dental Implants We Use

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