Dental Implants

Dental Implants


One of the most widely use areas of emerging technology is the medicine area. Dentistry have taken its share from the recent improvements in medicine. For example while there was no permanent and trouble free treatment for missing teeth in the past nowadays with implant applications patients can use their artificial teeth for many years. And it functions exactly the same, no different from the real ones.

Implants are the method used for treating missing teeth. Screws made of titanium are placed inside the jawbone. Dental prosthetics are attached to the screws. The difference between implant treatment and other methods is that it does not damage other teeth. Cutting the teeth near the missing teeth is no needed. Since the implant acts as a tooth root, you can perform all the basic activities you do with your natural teeth such as eating, talkin, and laughing.

Implant Treatment Can be Applied To Whom?

Implants can be applied to patients who are bigger than 18 years old and complete their facial and jaw development. Before starting the treatment according to the x-ray your dentist will decide if your jaw structure is appropriate for implant treatment.

Additional to face and jaw development some other criteria must be met for applying implant treatment. For example the blood sugar of diabetic patients must be regulated. Patients who use blood thinners must stop using the drug before the treatment. Patients who suffer from osteoporosis must have the proper treatment for it and have the implant treatment.

How is Implant Treatment Done?

Before starting the treatment recieving information about implant prices would be helpful. Because lots of patients  complain about the high prices of implant treatment. Although when evaluated price/performance of it implants have lots of advantages regarding other treatments used for missing teeth.Choosing treatments that require new applications over the year agains the implant treatment which you can use till the end of your life would be wrong.

Patients recieve lots of pre treatments before the start of Implant treatment. After the examination of dentist and performing the x-ray, measures of jaw bones and the tooth that is left are taken. When all conditions are okay treatment gets started with a mild sedation

There are two different methods on dental implant treatment. One step procedure continues with the placement of the temprorary head after the placing of implant. On the two step procedure teeth is left to heal after the placement of implant by covering it with gingiva. Prosthetic heads are placed at the last step. On both methods there is a one month healing period. On some occasions new teeth can be placed over the dental implants without losing time. After the dental implants patients can fulfill their basic functions like eating,talking and smile with confidence.

Zirconium implants are new implants discovered for increasing the endurance of titanium implants. They are used  especially for increasing the endurance of the jawbone. Except endurance and resistance it is nearly the same of titanium.


Zirconium is used on tooth coating procedures too because it reflects the light and its color is similar to the whiteness of the natural teeth. Because of this reason it gives aesthetic beauty along with the endurance. Also it wont corrode, cause metal taste on mouth, change its color over time and cause any harm to the body.

Dental Implants

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