Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Capabilty of expressing different feeling with the shape and moves of lips and tooth is called smiling. And ofcourse the importance of smiling is not something new. Even in the oldest civilizations we can see the search for beauty. Phoenecians (B.C.800) developed sharp carving skills for imitiating the shape and color of natural teeth.

Until century dentistry was not seen as a sub branch of medicine. Pierre Fauchar (1678-1761) from france and some collegues modernized the dentistry branch together and developed aesthetic applications. On this page we will discover various subjects that rule the art of smiling and inform you about our treatments.

Smile Design

Smile design involves the applications needed fort he healthy and aesthetic look of tooth and gums after a detailed digital planning and analysis of persons oral structure. By fixing Gum retractions, tooth color, fractured and broken teeth and the closure of tooth smile design helps you obtain an aesthetic smile.

Aesthetic Bonding

Shape disfigures like split, fractured tooth can be fixed with bonding methods. On bonding method which can be applied on any age the material that is going to be used placed on the outer surface of the tooth and the color,shape defects gets eleminated with its help.

Is Aesthetic Filling(Bonding Application) a painful procedure?

Aesthetic Filling(Bonding Application) is usually performed with local anesthesia. On some occasions local anesthesia application is not needed. Bonding application can be performed to multiple teeth. By using the direct method it gets done in one session. On the occasion that performing of the treatment on multiple teeth, regarding the standing,arrangement of the tooth it can be finished in one or two sessions. Naming it as a painful procedure would be wrong.

How is aesthetic filling(Bonding application) done?

Inside the mouth and tooth, an deven in the universe there is a golden rate rule. Accoridng the golden rate rule when looking from the front teeth must be seen in a certain rate for the natural and perfect aesthetics. On aesthetic fillings these rates are investigated. After this restorations are performed with composite material easy to shape this areas.

Aesthetic Dentistry

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