Root Canal

Root Canal

Canal Treatment

If the tooth nerve is decayed or damaged as a result of the impact, inflammation occurs. In order to save the tooth from being pulled out, the nerve is removed and cleaned and closed without leaving any gaps.

“If the treatment of caries, traumatic cracks and fractures is not done on time, the dental nerve will be damaged and root canal treatment is required.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Treatment

Will it hurt during root canal treatment?

Local anesthesia is applied to the root canal treated tooth. You will not feel hurt or ache.

How long does it take to complete canal treatment?

If there is no infection in the tooth, root canal treatment ends in 1 session. If there is an infection, it is treated first, in this case the process is completed in two sessions.

Is Root Canal Treatment Alone Sufficient?

In the root canal treatment of anterior teeth, filling and repair is often sufficient. In the root canal treatment of the posterior teeth, a crown is usually required.

Can Root Canal Treatment Fail?

If the problem persists after the treatment, the canal filling may be missing. In this case, the treatment is repeated.

“Our aim is to provide an error-free treatment that will not put you in trouble in the future.”

Root Canal

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