Why Can You Trust Sanita Dental Hospital?

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Why Can You Trust Sanita Dental Hospital?

Why Can You Trust Sanita Dental Hospital?

Dental health is an essential part of our overall health. It is never easy to ignore any oral problem that can significantly affect your mood all day long. It is very important to find a reliable dental hospital and dentist to help you overcome this. 

Recently, the news that has come to the fore in the national and foreign press and social media platforms talks about the negative results experienced by patients traveling to Turkey for dental treatments that offer reliable and effective results. For this reason, we would like to point out to patients living in Turkey or abroad who are considering treatment at Sanita Dental Hospitals that, as one of Turkey's first digital dental hospitals, Sanita Dental Hospital, which provides treatment services to patients from all over the world, works with ethical principles and a professional approach not to cause these negative experiences. 

Sanita Health Group, which has a Health Tourism certificate, works with doctors, patient coaches, and patient coordinators who are experts in their fields and have years of experience. Patients whose treatment has been completed can contact the "Ethics Line" of Sanita Dental Hospital and ask all the questions in their minds.

It is of great importance for patients who want to receive treatment from a dental hospital that has ethical principles, is expert and experienced in its field, to do the necessary research. We have compiled for you what you need to pay attention to in this regard. You can still fill out our contact form to ask your questions.

What should be considered to trust a dental hospital?

  • You should go to the dental hospital of your choice and see the practices and the equipment used with your own eyes. You can visit Sanita Dental Hospitals in Kadıköy-Şişli clinics in Istanbul and Bayraklı clinic in Izmir.
  • Before making a treatment decision, you can say that you want to have information about the qualifications and experience of the dentists working in the dental hospital. You can find detailed information about the specialist dentists that Sanita Dental Hospital has been working with on our website.
  • You should keep in mind that the “Before & After” images on the social media accounts of dental hospitals may not always reflect the truth.
  • In any case regarding your treatment, you can find out whether the procedure is covered by insurance from the dental hospital or the relevant institution.
Why Can You Trust Sanita Dental Hospital?

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