What is scaling?

What is scaling?

Scaling means cleaning yellow or brown tartar caused by bacterial plaques that harden on or between the teeth. During scaling, the dentist removes bacterial plaque between the teeth or in the gingival lines. Then, the teeth are brushed smoothly with the polishing process.

How is tartar formed?

It is recommended to brush the teeth twice a day to prevent bacterial plaques that begin to form on average 4 hours after brushing the teeth. For patients who do not follow this recommendation, dental plaque may harden and begin to accumulate on or between the teeth. This can cause dental tartar formation. Tartars can cause problems such as tooth decay or gingivitis. Therefore, it is important to clean it with early treatment.

Saliva is another factor that triggers tartar formation. The saliva structure of the person can cause the problem of dental tartar to accelerate. However, if the teeth are brushed twice a day and checked by a specialist dentist twice a year, it is unlikely that the saliva structure will affect the formation of tartar. The tartar problem, which can result in discoloration of the teeth, can accelerate with aging.

How is scaling (tartar cleaning) done?

Large tartar pieces are removed from the tooth using ultrasonic devices. Smaller stones are cleaned with fine-tipped tools. To provide smoothness and shine to the tooth surfaces, the process is completed by applying tooth polish or a paste containing fluorine.

How long does scaling (tartar cleaning) take?

Although the duration of the procedure depends on the density of the tartar, it is expected not to take more than 45 minutes.

Can scaling be done at home?

Scaling should be carried out by the dentist with special tools. Cleaning calculus with instruments that are not sterilized or not designed for this job can cause serious health problems.

Is scaling harmful?

The rumors that claim tartar removal processes damage teeth and gingiva are not true. On the contrary, the absence of treatment for a patient with calculus problems may result in serious dental and gingival problems.

What is scaling?

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