Laminated Emax

Laminated Emax

Laminated Emax applications can be requested by the patient due to both dental health problems and aesthetic concerns. However, in order for this application to be implemented, a dentist must approve the necessity of this treatment method.

Patients who may be disturbed by the fact that their front incisors do not have a smooth and aesthetic appearance can be treated with Laminated Emax to get rid of this deformity and to have a bright and aesthetic appearance in their front teeth. It can also be preferred in the treatment of broken or rotten teeth, undesirable color changes in the teeth and various deformities.

Laminated Emax, which is commonly confused with zirconium dental veneers, is considered less robust compared to other veneer applications. Therefore, it is not suitable for the treatment of posterior teeth. Since it can cause abrasion when used on the back teeth, it can only be used on the front teeth.

After the Laminated Emax treatment, the veneered teeth may lose their properties over time. Therefore, it is very important for patients who receive Laminated Emax veneer treatment to take care of their oral and dental care and to carefully comply with the warnings made by the dentist. However, Laminated Emax may not cause a change in the natural structure of the tooth. Laminated Emax application, which treats the deformities of the anterior incisors, can be completed in a short time.

Differences between Zirconium dental veneer and Laminated Emax

  • Laminated Emax is less strong and durable than zirconium dental veneers.
  • Thanks to its translucent structure, Laminated Emax can provide a more aesthetic and more natural appearance compared to zirconium dental veneers.
  • Laminated Emax is a dental veneer application that is preferred for aesthetic purposes rather than the use of zirconium dental veneers as a solution to health problems.
  • Laminated Emax dental veneer application is suitable for anterior teeth. Zirconium crown can be used easily on the back teeth.
Laminated Emax

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