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Dental Health of Children (Pedodontia)

Although dental caries is a common and serious problem in children, it can be largely prevented. Children who need dental treatment or have toothache may have infection, pain, lack of sleep, difficulty in eating and socializing. In these cases, it is very important to take children to the hospital or dentist.

Why is dental health so important in children?

Oral health is important for the general well-being of children and their readiness to go to school. Children who consume excessive sugar are more likely to develop tooth decay.

Baby teeth, which are the first teeth of children, are important for children to be able to eat comfortably, although they will inevitably change. Children with tooth decay and discomfort experience pain when eating. This can lead to them not getting enough nutrition. 

Early loss of milk teeth can cause incorrect positioning of the tongue in children. As a result, conditions such as speech disorders and wrong swallowing habits may occur. Therefore, it is important to protect milk teeth until the permanent teeth erupt.

Especially in school periods, milk teeth are important for children's psychology. Children who are embarrassed by the bad appearance of tooth decay may not want to go to school. A disease or genetic conditions during the development of teeth cause permanent teeth to be missing in some patients. In such cases, milk teeth can be used for treatment.

Children can start using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste at age two. However, it would be better to seek advice from a specialist dentist beforehand. It is important for children to eat healthy foods to maintain their dental health. Limiting sweet/sugar snacks and beverages is important for children's dental health. Also, regular dentist visits are critical to the healthiest tooth development process. Establishing good habits at an early age will help your child have healthy teeth for life.

How can tooth decay in children be prevented?

Every child is at risk of tooth decay. It should not be forgotten that children have no knowledge about dental caries. By feeding them chocolate and biscuits, which have adhesive properties, you can show them how they form a layer on their teeth in the mirror. Then, you can brush your teeth and prove how white, clean and beautiful their teeth are in the mirror.

The measures taken can prevent tooth decay in children. Here are the steps that can be taken for this:

  • Soft toothbrushes produced in accordance with the mouth size of children should be used.
  • When the paste and brushes are in different comic characters and colors, the desire and motivation to brush teeth in children increases.
  • It should be noted that children like the taste of toothpaste and are likely to swallow it while brushing.
  • If parents or siblings brush their teeth with children, it can increase their motivation.
  • A toothbrushing board can be created at home and markings can be made together on the board after each brushing.
  • By placing an hourglass in the bathroom, the hourglass can be reversed every time you brush. In this way, a brushing time of 2 minutes can be determined.De

You should support your children to overcome the fear of the dentist. You should introduce your children to the dentist at the age of 2.5 at the latest. A 2.5-3 year old baby who has no problems in the mouth can make his first appointment with the dentist just by showing his teeth. This can prevent fear of the dentist in children.

Dental Health of Children (Pedodontia)

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