What is ceramic dental veneer?

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What is ceramic dental veneer?

Ceramic teeth is also known as full ceramic, full porcelain/ceramic, empress coating. It can be preferred to support teeth that have lost material and strength, to fill gaps caused by various reasons, to eliminate damages such as breakage or cracking.

Thanks to its crystal structure, its light transmittance is quite high. It can provide the possibility of selection in the level of light transmission and layer colors. In this way, it can give the closest and most aesthetic results to natural teeth. It is one of the applications that best responds to aesthetic concerns with the color harmony it provides.

Ceramic tooth coating is often preferred on front teeth. When the front teeth need to be covered for various reasons, ceramic coating can be used. However, if the patient has missing teeth, it may not be preferred when the ceramic does not have enough strength to act as a bridge. Improved empress/ceramic veneer can be used on molars, although it is not considered suitable for use on posterior teeth for the same reason.

Unlike the zirconium tooth coating, there is no infrastructure material in the ceramic coating. It is obtained by strengthening porcelain, which is the only material. This strengthening is achieved by stacking glass ceramic on porcelain with high pressure. Whether the ceramic coating will be used on molars can be determined by the patient's jaw structure, parafunctional habits and chewing analysis factors evaluated by the dentist.

Since ceramic dental veneers are adhered to teeth by mechanical and chemical methods, it can give stronger results compared to metal-supported porcelain veneers.

Who are ceramic coated teeth suitable for?

  • Ceramic coating can be used for patients who want their teeth to be more compatible with aesthetic concerns.
  • Ceramic coating may be preferred for patients who have incompatibility between the sizes of their teeth.
  • Ceramic coating can be applied when other methods are not suitable for correcting teeth with gaps among them.
  • Ceramic coating can be used to regain the natural tooth appearance of patients whose teeth are worn for various reasons.
  • Ceramic coating can be preferred for patients who want to make the color of their teeth more aesthetic and compatible with each other.

What is ceramic dental veneer?

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